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8 Tried and Trusted Tips for Selling Your Home

The real estate market is ever-changing and tactics that worked yesterday might not cut it today. It’s difficult to figure out how to sell when you’re new to the home selling process. There are lots of questions that will come to mind.

You may wonder is it the right time to sell a home. Are there any honest real estate agents to work with?

Selling a home could seem daunting but there are still ways of overcoming the hurdles along the way.

Proven Tips for Selling Your Home

1. Prepare Your Home for the Sale

Anyone who has made up their mind to sell their house will want to do it fast. But it takes time and effort to make your home ready for showings. Preparing and staging your home can help attract buyers right after listing.

Scan your home for any wear and tear that can devalue it. Most buyers will take their time to scrutinize your home for flaws. Make sure a repairable issue doesn’t deny you a fair offer.

Declutter your home to allow buyers a good view of your home’s space. Find a storage unit for bulky furniture and get your rooms tidy to create a spacious appeal. Remove all personal items or art on the walls to create a newish feel in the rooms.

If the paint has lost shine or stained, get your painter to work on it. This helps bring attention to the walls’ architectural or design aspects. Clean the roofs of any debris and have your house’s exterior features looking as attractive as possible. Clean your lawn, walkways, and other outdoor areas to make them appealing to your buyers.

2. Know the Cost of Selling

Selling your home is a trade deal. It can cause a loss or bring profits. Remember, you will cover costs from cleaning to conveyancing costs. If you underestimate the selling costs, you may end up regretting the sale.

The unfortunate thing is that it’s quite impossible to estimate the costs of selling your home. To begin with, the costs of selling a home in Australia vary from state to state. Some expenses are unavoidable while others are voluntary. Don’t forget the unregulated real estate agent’s commission that can change based on your agent. 

You have to take into account your target returns before listing your home for sale. You don’t want to spend lots of money on expensive renovations. Focus on the inexpensive works that will make your home presentable. 

Also, ask yourself whether it’s worth it to shell out money for any voluntary cost. You can also control some unavoidable expenses. For instance, you can opt for fixed conveyancing costs over the hourly rates that can spike costs. 

3. Find a Good Real Estate Agent

A great real estate agent can save you selling costs as well as find you the right buyer. You also want someone who will provide excellent customer service. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right real estate agent when selling your home.

  • Check your agent’s qualifications
  • Inquire about their commissions and fee structures (agent fees and commissions vary from place to place)
  • Look at their selling portfolio and track record
  • Ask if they have sold homes recently
  • Ask about their local reputation (check for proven experience listing and selling homes in the area)
  • Ask them for references and inspect the promotions they’re running

4. Know the Value of Your Property

If you want the best offer for your property, you have to know its market value. You don’t want to overprice your home and scare away potential buyers. Knowing the value will also enable you to set price minimums and avoid underselling.

Underpricing and overpricing are both risky mistakes. Get a property valuer if you want to avoid the guesswork and have a more realistic picture of your home’s value. You can find out how other similar properties in your home area have sold for.

5. Get Professional Photography 

One of the essential styling tips for selling your home is to use professional photos. Photos produce the first connection between prospects and your property. Their quality can determine whether you will attract the right buyers.

Great photography should bring out your home in the most appealing way possible. The photos should highlight the fine details and make your property look compelling.

Suppose it would be best if you find the best staging photographer in your area. If you’re DIY, get a decent camera, some tripods, and the right lenses to ensure you’re picking out every detail.

6. Sell At the Right Time

When it comes to helpful tips for selling your home, you can’t wake up and list any day. Every season and time of the year brings unique challenges to the property market. Seasons affect both property demand and supply. Some properties sell better during particular seasons. 

If you’re selling during winter, consider the time of the day and whether your home offers enough warmth and lighting.

Summers are ideal for selling beach houses and holiday properties. Still, you have to make sure it isn’t too hot for your prospects. Holidays may also mean that peoples’ focus is on making merry instead of buying homes.

Spring is a property seller’s market in Australia. Then, most buyers have experienced the wrath of winters. Competition for property increases and prices soar high to favor the seller. 

Autumn is also an attractive time for buyers. The mild weather and the blooming flowers tend to produce a stunning sight for buyers. 

7. Get Professional Help

The process of selling your home can be stressful. You don’t want to gamble your time and effort going all the way to the end alone. You need experienced people behind your back to get the right offer.

Don’t overlook the role of a real estate agent if you want to save time. Besides, have conveyancing figured out from the start. There are many legal issues to deal with when selling homes. Having a property lawyer throughout can save you from agency fraud or legal matters. 

Use These Tips for Selling Your Home

Listing your home is as good as signing up for frequent distractions. Imagine a client popping up to view your home when you’re having lunch. But you have to embrace the process if you will find a buyer.

Always keep your house ready for shows to ensure that every prospect views your property. These tips for selling your home can help you go from listed to sold sooner than you thought. For more assistance, contact us today.

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